ESARA 2011


About the city of the meeting, Goiânia

Located in the heart of Brazil, the city of Goiania distinguishes itself by the art-deco architecture of its historical downtown blended with modern urban design concepts inspired by the city of Paris of the 20s. Its tree-lined streets and its high quality of life make it a common destination for people all over the country. Several of its historical buildings, such as the Emerald Palace and the Clock Tower, located in the downtown, are considered National Historic Landmark. The city also has numerous parks and a vibrant cultural life, full of leisure and cultural events both traditional and modern.

Framing this beautiful urban landscape is the typical vegetation domain of Goias, the Cerrado, Brazil`s second largest biome. This fragile and complex system houses more than 10 000 plant species, including the exotic pequi, the state`s symbol fruit, and the exuberant ipe, tree of rare beauty, as well as the unique flavors and buriti and guariroba. The fauna, in turn, houses great diversity, including rare species only found here, and also species threatened with extinction, such as the jaguar and the maned wolf.

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